Monday, 27 January 2014

Stoke Bruerne in the 1970s

My friend Phil has kindly sent me a scanned image (from a 35mm slide) which he took in the early 1970s of the museum (now a listed building), the four cottages and Sister Mary Ward's house (now an Indian restaurant - the Spice of Bruerne).

The sign hanging outside the museum is now an artefact within the museum,  the four cottages now all have porches of the design of the one at No3 (3rd from the left) - No3 was Jack James' home - Jack started the canal museum.  Sister Mary Ward's house was probably still in her family's ownership as she died in 1972 and it still looks well cared for; sadly that cannot be said about it now.

One of the aspects of the cottages that interested me was the different windows - I have always noticed that the windows (especially the ones on the top floors) were different but made an assumption that this was a fairly recent change from the original but the image shows the different window design at the time of Phil's photo which are still apparent today - most interesting.  I hope Phil doesn't mind me posting his image on here - I do think it adds to the known history of the buildings.

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