Sunday, 19 January 2014

A few final bits done

The new furniture in the
spare bedroom
I have been doing a little bit of work on the house - tidying up the last little bits and pieces.

Yesterday (Saturday) I replaced the small bookcase in my spare bedroom with Ikea furniture which matches that in the main bedroom.  I am trying to get the same look and feel to each room.

I think it looks so much better than the previous bookcase which is now by the front door and doing temporary service as a place for visitors to put their shoes/boots/hats when visiting.

The clothes rack in the kitchen
At the same time my friend Richard who owns the butty Moon, which is moored opposite my house kindly came for a cup of tea and to drill two holes in the roof my my kitchen ceiling to take a Victorian style clothes rack to dry my washing. It's better, I think than hanging my clothes from hangers (even if the hangers are colour coordinated).

There is just one more thing to do (apart from picking up the 'new to me' car on Wednesday) which is to lay the front garden with Northamptonshire stone to match the house.

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