Sunday, 26 January 2014

'New' car

I have had Citroen 2CVs since about 1980 and have not only enjoyed them but made very good, life-long, friends through the Citroen 2CV Club - 2CVGB. I moved from 2CVs to the more modern Citroen equivalent which was the Berlingo in about 2003 - I have had two Berlingos and they have been very reliable and comfortable cars but I really don't need such a large vehicle any more or the £175 road tax each year so recently I sold the Berlingo I had (of course not worth very much these days) and have bought a Smart car (road tax £30 a year) - the same 2CV type ethos in my view.  It's like a rocket ship to Mars - goes very fast when you want it to, it has 'paddle shift' gear change, a glass 'panoramic' roof and to cap it all off heated leather seats - my friend Rodney will like last bit! It is a bit bumpy on some roads, as you would expect from the very short wheelbase, but is surprisingly good on the motorway.  It is an '08' (2008) model with just 18,000 recorded miles.  So far I think it is lovely.

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