Saturday, 5 October 2013

Moving Leo No2 back to Stoke Bruerne (Day 7)

The final destination for tomorrow
Stoke Bruerne

A fairly easy day today.  I set off from Marston Doles top lock at about 07:30 and was grateful for the help given by the crew of Zulu who followed me down.  Once I had done three locks the boats coming up made it far easier by leaving the upper gates open.  I was down by 09:10 which is exactly six days since leaving Weybridge.  The trip across from Napton to Braunston was easy and uneventful save for the last mile or so when the boat in front refused to let me past but insisted on travelling at tickover - fine when we were going past moored boats but the whole distance - no not on.  Thankfully, at the junction, they turned north and me south.

Braunston is very busy and I only just managed to find a mooring - about 100 yards short of the first of the Braunston flight of locks.

Tomorrow Bob is joining me and we should make Stoke Bruerne without too much problem despite the Buckby flight of locks and the two tunnels - and yes I have checked the tunnel light!

Miles: 10 (124)
Locks: 9 (71)

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