Friday, 4 October 2013

Moving Leo No2 back to Stoke Bruerne (Day 4)

The 7 day moorings in Oxford at 07:15
Unable to post last night due to a 2G signal just below Sommerton Deep Lock.

A long day again today.  I spent last night on Christchurch Meadows just downstream of Osney Lock.  Off at about 07:00 this morning as I was awoken by the rowing crews training in the dark with very bright lights on their skiffs.

The first decision was to use the Sheepwash Cut, which was very last minute - I almost went up to Dukes Cut.  I was surprised how empty Oxford was - one of the 24 hour moorings was completely empty - I wonder if that is because of enforcement, or just, maybe, a sign of the times.

The Agenda 21 moorings looked much tidier than I remember them but I suppose we all acquire huge amounts of ‘stuff’ – I know it applies to me as I have just moved and became good friends with the man at the dump!

I also noticed that CRT has been addressing the issues with overgrowth on the Oxford and cutting some really nice boat sized mooring slots. There area some areas though that need addressing before the spring nesting season as the overgrowth makes the channel quite narrow.

I had trouble with Mill Lift Bridge as the mooring is on the left hand side of the canal, the hinge for the bridge on the right and there is nothing to hold the bridge in the open position.  I fiddled it in the end but it really wasn’t easy single-handed.  I understand the best way is to use a Banbury Stick.

The plan for tomorrow is to move on to Banbury (and have a break) and post this as I have a shocking connection at Somerton this evening.  No TV and almost no connection – I’ll dig put my DVDs!

Miles: 18 (87)
Locks: 12 (43)

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