Thursday, 24 October 2013

More on curtains and a visit to the Parish Council

I now have curtains up in the sitting room which has made it so cosy in the evenings. Almost like home!  

I attended the Stoke Bruerne Parish Council meeting on Tuesday evening.  I found it very surprising and came away with a feeling that I could join the group and help.  I am lucky in that BA trained me (relentlessly) how  deal with meetings and the different personalities, and I must say that the one I attended on Tuesday evening just made me realise how lucky I have been in life.  A lot of meetings I have attended recently (even just 1:1 meetings with my bank) have left me feeling there was room for improvement perhaps.  Put your money where your mouth is I hear you say - I can't at the moment because I have to have lived in the village for 12 months before I can take part - I may well put myself forward but not until I understand Stoke Bruerne more intimately!

A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - a picture taken from my doorstep this morning is below.

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