Saturday, 21 June 2014

The final bit of work

It is just 51 weeks since I moved in and I think things are now complete; today Clive delivered my victorian garden bench which was made to fit over the opening down to the kitchen window.

It wasn't cheap but it is, I think right for the location and will enable me to sit outside with a cup of tea and pontificate on the world and that which passes by!

A few pots of flowers will enhance the area a lot I think.

Life has taken a quiet turn over the last few days.  I have had a mark on my forehead for a number of years which was diagnosed, by my former GP, as a Solar Keritosis.  It started to bleed recently so I saw my GP (appointment within 20 minutes!) who referred me to a colleague of hers.  He told me it was not a Solar Keritosis but a Basal Cell Carcinoma (in simple terms skin cancer). On Friday of this last week I had an appointment with my GP for him to surgically remove the growth.  Not very pleasant but it had to be done. He removed a section of my forehead some 2 inches by ¾ inch in an elliptical form. Done under a local anaesthetic!  I am now waiting for it to heal enough to have the 12 stitches taken out! I find yawning quite difficult as it stretches the forehead muscles and laughing, whilst very good for you, can be a challenge!

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