Thursday, 19 September 2013

Village at War Weekend

Marching past my house to the
Drum Head Service in the Church of
St Mary the Virgin in Stoke Bruerne
I really didn't know what to expect from Village at War weekend apart from the amazing enthusiasm of the volunteers from the Friends of the Canal Museum and the CRT staff in the museum (nothing was too much trouble for them) and the point that amongst the facts and figures floating around was one that mentioned 12,000 visitors last year.

We've had a wonderful summer, weather wise, this year but I anxiously watched the weather forecast in the week running up to the weekend.  It didn't look good but how often are weather forecaster not quite right?

My best friend Sue came from Tenby for the weekend and friends Rodney and Valerie came from Byfleet on the Sunday.

There were lovely old boats everywhere and huge numbers of people in all forms of 1940s attire.  I think the only word to describe it is that it was elegant.  Where have all the elegant clothes gone, not just for women but also for men?  The boats didn't dominate the weekend but were a lovely addition to the weekend as the vast majority of them were of the right vintage to fit in seamlessly with the weekend.

We had a wonderful weekend despite the rain that came on Sunday - it was not as bad as predicted.  Numbers, I am told, were down on previous years mainly due to previous years having enjoyed very good weather.

A lovely weekend all round; I am so much looking forward to 2014 which will be over the weekend of 13/14-September.

There are lots of pictures at these addresses.

  • Mine are here.
  • Friends of the Canal Museum are here (Saturday) and here (Sunday).
  • Towcester News photos are here (Sunday).

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