Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Preparing for Village at War

A day spent preparing for 'Village at War' weekend.  We trimmed the hedge outside the Indian Restaurant the Spice of Bruerne and then spent most of the rest of the time at Lock 15 unearthing the old Ash Box - see below - and tidying up the rampant ivy alongside the side ponds at Lock 15.

The Ash Box.  According to my local contact they were quite numerous many years ago and were there to allow the steamers to empty their ash from their boiler fires.  The ash was then used, in the main, to 'ash up' the gates - to stop them leaking.  As steam gave way to  to diesel power ash from the solid fuel fires was placed in the ash boxes.  I am not sure how may are now left but one thing is for sure, the one at Lock 15 on the Stoke Bruerne flight can easily be seen now.
A Robin was very quick to take
advantage of the fresh soil

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