Sunday, 21 July 2013

Slight Crisis

Phone call from my neighbour last night (I am on the boat at Watford) at 22:35 to say water leaking from beside rear door accompanied by loud banging noise.  Luckily I had put a key in a key safe outside the back door so I was able to give Mel (neighbour's lodger) access - she switched off the water. Bless her.

Text to the builder - he has responded this morning at 08:30 and is off there this morning (Sunday) with a plumber to have a look.

That's what comes from employing a reputable builder - I am sad it has happened but delighted with the response from the builder.  Well done DJ Hutchings of Towcester.

A follow up from Tom from DJ Hutchings this morning (Tuesday 23-July). The issue was caused by a spike in the water pressure in Stoke Bruerne and the hot water heater not being able to react to it because it had been set to just above the value the water company had advised.  A pressure reducing valve has been fitted and the problem should not recur.

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