Friday, 21 June 2013

Firm Date to move in

I now have a firm date to move into my 'new' house.  Thursday 27-June.  Yes I know it is about three weeks later than the original estimate but the spring has been very wet and apparently the new plaster (especially where it is thicker) has taken a very long time to dry out sufficiently to allow it to be painted.

I am looking forward to it with nervous anticipation.  I am concerned mainly that my bed will go up the stairs - it does break into two pieces which are about 3'3" x 4' so it should.  My friend Sue, who will be staying with a friend of hers, Tony, in Buckingham, has said she will try her best to visit on the Friday - I may well need it but do hope so much she can visit.

In the meantime I have to sort out the van (done), sort out the storage company (I think that's done although they keep sending me bills which I don't owe), sign to say the storage is empty and then get myself to Stoke Bruerne in time for the removers to be able to have unfettered access.

Almost all too much but I expect it will be OK on the day - I sincerely hope so.

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