Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A visit to the new house

The kitchen (which is below the towpath level) is
taking shape
I paid a visit to the new house in Stoke Bruerne today and had the lovely company of my friend Brian (Orion's Wey).

Progress is amazing with the bottom two floors tiled, the kitchen well on the way to being installed, the bathroom completely different (and so much better).

Unfortunately the suggested date of 21-June is no longer achievable due to delivery issues with some of the bits and pieces needed for the new house - I am told this is quite common practice in the current economic climate so we have agreed on 26-June as the 'handover' date.

The waterway was full of boats with Russell Newbery engines (still there from the previous weekend) and some lovely historic boats ready for the coming weekend which is the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Canal Museum.  I think I may well go up to the house again on Saturday to see what a 'full' Stoke Bruerne (boats and people) is really like.

Added 12-June-13 - Sod's law of course means that the company whom I contracted to move my furniture can't manage 26-June-13 so I am moving in on 27-June-13 but to be optimistic that's a fortnight tomorrow and as my friends Rodney and Valerie say - a few days at this stage is nothing.  I know they are right but it's not easy!

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