Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Settling in well

One of the views from my front door

I feel very settled in Stoke Bruerne now.  The number of people who have stopped and introduced themselves is almost countless - almost certainly as a result of the 'introduction' I put in the local GRASS newsletter.  I walked past the Boat Inn on Monday and was 'accosted' by one of the joint owners (Nick) and had a lovely chat with him - always good to know the publican!

I went out to look at my garden (all 4 sq metres of it) last night and ended up sitting on the lockside having a drink with a couple (Kath and Trevor) who own a B&B in the village.

The house is starting to feel like home now. I still need to get to grips with wardrobes - very difficult with the very narrow winding stairs, and sort some bookcases - Valerie and Suzanne (boating friends) suggested some shelves under the windows which would work very well.  I want to rework the front garden and turn it into a patio with glass over the opening down to one of the kitchen windows.  The advice I have received from more than one person is to go slowly as it does front the canal and Canal and River Trust property.  I will start with asking the Stoke Bruerne Parish Council for their views and go from there.

The bed never went up the stairs - despite many attempts so is now waiting for Age Concern to collect it (nobody wanted it for some reason).

Was it the right move for me - absolutely.

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  1. Delighted to hear that you have no regrets on your move. Obviously, plenty of people to talk to and you are a mine of information on boats and the cut, but don't interrupt David Blagrove once he gets started - in fact you won't get a word in edgeways anyway!