Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting ready for Village at War weekend

The cleaned up lock
Well two things happened yesterday.  I spent the morning in the company of some local people, including Dave Blagrove (Chairman of the friends of the Canal Museum), to clear out the summer weeds from the disused top lock (and the inevitable mess from the removal of the boat weighing machine). It does look so much better now - one of those quick jobs that has a huge effect.

The bucket in place
it will be locked!
Also my WWII fire bucket (won on EBay) arrived so that's ready to sit outside my front door over the Village at War weekend.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stoke Bruerne at War

The weekend of 14/15-September is Stoke Bruerne at War weekend.  It looks like it will be a fun weekend but perhaps quite crowded.  I am certainly going to get involved - I have a sign which says 'Air Raid Shelter, max 150 persons' and I have won a red fire bucket on E-Bay.  Those two items along with putting masking tape on my windows should ensure an authentic look.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Stoke Bruerne Visitor Moorings

Just received this from CRT - some fairly major changes to visitor mooring in Stoke Bruerne and surrounding areas which everyone needs to be aware of I think.

Map is here
Ts and Cs are here

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Settling in well

One of the views from my front door

I feel very settled in Stoke Bruerne now.  The number of people who have stopped and introduced themselves is almost countless - almost certainly as a result of the 'introduction' I put in the local GRASS newsletter.  I walked past the Boat Inn on Monday and was 'accosted' by one of the joint owners (Nick) and had a lovely chat with him - always good to know the publican!

I went out to look at my garden (all 4 sq metres of it) last night and ended up sitting on the lockside having a drink with a couple (Kath and Trevor) who own a B&B in the village.

The house is starting to feel like home now. I still need to get to grips with wardrobes - very difficult with the very narrow winding stairs, and sort some bookcases - Valerie and Suzanne (boating friends) suggested some shelves under the windows which would work very well.  I want to rework the front garden and turn it into a patio with glass over the opening down to one of the kitchen windows.  The advice I have received from more than one person is to go slowly as it does front the canal and Canal and River Trust property.  I will start with asking the Stoke Bruerne Parish Council for their views and go from there.

The bed never went up the stairs - despite many attempts so is now waiting for Age Concern to collect it (nobody wanted it for some reason).

Was it the right move for me - absolutely.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The final bill

Today I have received the final bill from the builder - very close the original estimate and much as I expected.  I have to say that I have been delighted to work with the company (DJ Hutchings) especially as I am single, female and was doing it from a distance.  They have been honest and straight with me, have been clear with what they can and can't do and the reasons why they can't do some things (for example the vaulted client in the top bedroom that I would have ideally liked).

I now have a house that I am proud of and I hope the builders and tradesmen are equally as proud.

By Way of Introduction

There's a lovely local newsletter which covers the Stoke Bruerne and the villages around here.  I thought that as the 'new' house was in the middle of Stoke Bruerne that I should perhaps introduce myself to the people of Stoke Bruerne so I have had something published in the August edition which is here.